Film Actor

John Neville

  • May 02, 1925 - Nov 19, 2011 (age 86)
  • 6' 0" (1.84 m)
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John Neville
PersonalNovember 2011

John Neville

John Neville passed away.
Friends and Heroes
TV ShowMar 12, 2007

Friends and Heroes

Friends and Heroes is a British-Canadian Christian children's …
Friends and Heroes is a British-Canadian Christian children's program that airs on TBN, Smile of a Child TV, and was also shown on BBC TV. The show is both traditionally animated (for the adventure story) and computer animated (for the Bible stories). It takes place from 69 - 71 AD, during the Great Jewish Revolt. There are three seasons or "series", each comprising 13 episodes: Season 1 is set in Alexandria, Egypt; Season 2 in Jerusalem and Season 3 in Rome. The series was created by Brian D. Brown and Eric J. Danenberg, who also worked on The Storykeepers.
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The Statement
MovieDec 12, 2003

The Statement

1992. The French government has passed a law punishing …
1992. The French government has passed a law punishing crimes against humanity allowing them to prosecute Nazi collaborators from WWII. Magistrate Annemarie Livi has been assigned the case of Pierre Brossard, a police officer in Dombey, France in June, 1944, when he helped round up a group of Jewish persons and personally chose seven of them to be executed. Brossard was captured and held in police custody in 1955 following a trial where he was sentenced to death for being a collaborator, before he was able to escape. Brossard has since received a Presidential pardon for those crimes. Livi enlists the help of Colonel Roux of the French Army to assist in this case in she not trusting the police who assisted the Vichy regime during the war. While Roux informs her that he is aware of an unknown Jewish organization that is also tracking and wanting to execute Brossard, Livi knows that the pardon was arranged by someone who must have been an associate of Brossard - who she refers to as "The Old Man" - now probably high up in the government. They are also both aware that the Catholic church has actively been assisting Brossard all these years, probably in providing him both with funds and shelter, them being able to break through the closed ranks of the church a major hurdle they will have to overcome. Livi is further given a warning by a close family friend, Armand Bertier, a government minster, that she is walking into a land mine of a case. Brossard, who is aware that he is being tracked both by the Jewish and by the national authorities, is indeed what he considers a devout Catholic in the realm of the traditionalists, he, who trying to stay one step ahead of those tracking him, looking for absolution from the church, while not prepared to give himself up to either the Jewish or the authorities. The Jewish have their own additional motive beyond killing Brossard for his crimes, while those pulling their strings have one more additional motive in protecting themselves.
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Control Factor
MovieJan 18, 2003

Control Factor

An average everyman discovers he's the unwitting target of …
An average everyman discovers he's the unwitting target of an ultra secret domestic black-op centering on mind control.
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Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role

Best Performance by an Actor in a Conti…

Nominated for "Emily of New Moon".
Gemini Award
Caroline Neville
MarriageDecember 1949

Caroline Neville

Caroline Neville was previously married to John Neville.
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John Neville
BirthMay 1925

John Neville

John Neville was born.
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