John St. Polis

  • Nov 24, 1873 - Oct 08, 1946 (age 72)
  • 5' 10" (1.79 m)
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John St. Polis
PersonalOctober 1946

John St. Polis

John St. Polis passed away.
Haunted House
MovieJul 22, 1940

Haunted House

Teenagers try to clear a friend accused of murder.
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On the Spot
MovieJun 11, 1940

On the Spot

Frankie Kelly is the soda jerk and embryo scientist in …
Frankie Kelly is the soda jerk and embryo scientist in Midvales only drugstore. Two murders and an attempted killing suddenly swing Midvale into national prominence. Frankie and his pal, Jefferson, become involved when a wounded gangster starts to tell them where $300,000 in stolen loot is hidden, but he is murdered before he can give them all of the information. The search is on.
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Rocky Mountain Rangers
MovieMay 24, 1940

Rocky Mountain Rangers

This entry in Republic's …
This entry in Republic's "Three Mesquiteers" series has a misnomer for a title since the action takes place in Texas and pre-statehood Oklahoma, and the Rocky Mountains are in neither state, but Republic, which easily produced the best of the B-westerns, quite often used a title that had nothing to do with the locale of the film. Stony Brooke, Rusty Joslin and Rico are Texas Rangers unable to enter the territory known as the Panhandle as it is not part of the state, and lawlessness runs rampant there, under the guerrilla leader, King Barton. They discover a young boy, Danny Burke, wounded and left to die by the Barton gang. They nurse him back to health, but he is killed in another raid by the Barton outfit. Stony takes possession of the boy's gun and vows vengeance. Since the strip of land hiding the outlaws is under Federal authority, the Mesquiteers enter the territory with a plan to lure the outlaws across the Texas border. Stony, posing as his look-alike outlaw double known as The Laredo Kid, stages a jail break to free King Barton's younger brother Jim from a Texas jail and insinuates himself into the gang. Barton has been forcing a Panhandle gunsmith named Manners to provide weapons for him, and Manners' daughter, Doris, is antagonistic toward Stony, whom she believes to be The Laredo Kid. Stony soon convinces her of his true identity. The plot to lure the Barton gang into Texas is progressing nicely until the real Laredo Kid shows up and exposes Stony.
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They Shall Have Music
MovieJul 26, 1939

They Shall Have Music

A boy runs away from …
A boy runs away from home and ends up at a music school for poor children. When the school suffers hard times, he enlists the aid of violinist Heifetz to save the day.
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John St. Polis
BirthNovember 1873

John St. Polis

John St. Polis was born.
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