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Silent Film Actor

Joseph Graybill

  • Apr 17, 1887 - Aug 03, 1913 (age 26)
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In the Haunts of Fear
MovieOct 16, 1913

In the Haunts of Fear

A strong dramatic Patheplay …
A strong dramatic Patheplay abounding in thrills and intensely dramatic and unexpected situations. Bert Barker, a young ne'er-do-well, finally exhausts his father's patience, who orders him away from his home and forbids him to return. As he goes across the fields he discovers the body of a man who has just been held up and killed by a highwayman. While examining it he is seen by some men, who assume that he is the murderer. Bert, however, escapes and goes west. The highwayman in the meanwhile goes on to the town to call upon his sweetheart, whom he eventually marries. Later on they also leave for the west on a prairie schooner. Their party is attacked by Indians and all the men are killed. The massacre is discovered by Bert Barker, who finds the girl (who has lost her memory from the shock) and takes her to his cabin. Later they are married by a circuit rider. In the meantime it has been discovered in Bert's home town that he is innocent of the crime and his father offers a reward of $500 for his discovery. Through the circuit rider he is identified and returns with his wife to his former home. Old time scenes bring back her memory, only to see in her present husband the supposed murderer whom she had known. After a strong situation matters are cleared up and all ends happily.
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Joseph Graybill
PersonalAugust 1913

Joseph Graybill

Joseph Graybill passed away.
The Wizard of the Jungle
MovieApr 5, 1913

The Wizard of the Jungle

The Wizard of the Jungle released.
Saving Mabel's Dad
MovieJan 6, 1913

Saving Mabel's Dad

Three rivals are aspirants for the hand of Mabel. Dad falls …
Three rivals are aspirants for the hand of Mabel. Dad falls asleep in a rowboat and is set adrift by one, who tries to win favor as a hero by rescuing him, using a motorboat going at lightning speed. He is exposed, however, and his work goes for naught, as Mabel clings to the man of her choice.
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The God Within
MovieDec 26, 1912

The God Within

The woman of the camp implores her lover to marry her, and …
The woman of the camp implores her lover to marry her, and he promises to do so, but goes away and does not return. Target of the camp's jeers, she lives alone until her child is born dead. The doctor fears for her reason if she discovers that all her shame and anguish have been in vain. He has another maternity case on the outskirts of the camp, where the Saint, as the trapper's wife is known, dies in giving birth to a child. For the sake of the baby and of the woman bereft, the doctor gains the trapper's consent to a plan, and brings his two patients together. The woman's quarters being squalid, the doctor insists that she go to the trapper's cabin, and the trapper moves out to make room for her. The sight of his child drawing life from an alien breast has awakened the trapper's soul. And the touch of baby hands the strangeness of human kindness, stir the God within the woman. The doctor hopes to see her marry the trapper. At this moment the woman's former lover returns, bent on making such amends as he can. He, too, has discovered the living God within him. At the doctor's suggestion the woman chooses between the two men. For a long time she hesitates, then places her hand in the trapper's palm.
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Joseph Graybill
BirthApril 1887

Joseph Graybill

Joseph Graybill was born.
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