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  • Dec 18, 1976 (age 44)
  • 5' 7" (1.70 m)
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The Naked Director
TV ShowAug 8, 2019

The Naked Director

The Naked Director (Japanese: 全裸監督, Hepburn: Zenra …
The Naked Director (Japanese: 全裸監督, Hepburn: Zenra Kantoku) is a Japanese semi-biographical comedy-drama web television series co-directed by Masaharu Take. Based on the non-fiction novel Zenra Kantoku Muranishi Toru Den (全裸監督 村西とおる伝) by Nobuhiro Motohashi, it tells the story of Japanese adult video director Toru Muranishi. The series premiered on Netflix on August 8, 2019. It stars Takayuki Yamada as Muranishi, alongside Shinnosuke Mitsushima and Tetsuji Tamayama. On August 15, 2019, Netflix renewed the series for a second season.
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Persona Non Grata
MovieOct 13, 2015

Persona Non Grata

The story of Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese …
The story of Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat(sometimes called the Schindler of Japan) and his life leading up to as well as after his decision to issue over 2,000 visas to Jewish refugees in Kaunas, Lithuania resulting in saving the lives of over 6,000 people. This is the story of a man who believed in doing all he could do for the benefit of his beloved Japan, including trying to keep her from becoming embroiled in a worldwide conflict he saw as inevitable. Along the way, he came face to face with the plight of the European Jews as they tried to escape the onslaught of the Nazi's and the rapidly advancing German army. Caught between the unbending policies of his country now bound by treaty with Nazi Germany and his awakening moral responsibilities, we follow his life from his early days in Manchuria to his eventual posting in Lithuania and his appointment with destiny which would forever brand him a hero.
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Always Sanchōme no Yūhi '64
MovieJan 21, 2012

Always Sanchōme no Yūhi '64

The Tokyo Olympics are …
The Tokyo Olympics are about to open, and Rynosuke Chagawa is excited to receive a new TV set to watch the upcoming events. His wife Hiromi is pregnant and he has built a second level on his shop to provide his adopted son Junnosuke with a private space to study for entrance to Tokyo University to set up a career with a major company. He dreams of sparing Junnosuke the struggles that he has faced as a writer. The family continues to rely upon Hiromi's income from her bar. Meanwhile a rival story, The Virus, by a new writer has appeared in the periodical that has been publishing his stories "Boy's Adventure Book" and he fears the new competition. Norifumi Suzuki also receives a new TV, but more of a deluxe model. Mutsuko Hoshino (Roku) is still the principal mechanic in the Suzuki family's auto repair shop, but she dresses up some mornings to go to a nearby street with the hope of a "chance" meeting with Dr. Kikuchi, who earlier treated a burn on her arm. High school student Ippei Suzuki dreams of becoming a rock star. All the residents on Third Street in the shadow of Tolyo Tower feel a great sense of pride in Japan's hosting of the Olympics.
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Ken'ichi Matsuyama
MarriageApril 2011

Ken'ichi Matsuyama

Kenichi Matsuyama (松山 ケンイチ Matsuyama Ken'ichi, born …
Kenichi Matsuyama (松山 ケンイチ Matsuyama Ken'ichi, born March 5, 1985) is a Japanese actor.
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Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

Outstanding Performance by an Actress …

Nominated for "Always: Sunset on Third Street".
Japan Academy Prize
BirthDecember 1976


Koyuki was born.
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