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American Actor

Lee Shumway

  • Mar 04, 1884 - Jan 04, 1959 (age 74)
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Lee Shumway

Lee Shumway

Lee Shumway passed away.
The Lone Ranger
TV ShowSep 15, 1949

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger is an American western drama television …
The Lone Ranger is an American western drama television series that aired on the ABC Television network from 1949 to 1957, with Clayton Moore in the starring role. Jay Silverheels, a member of the Mohawk Aboriginal people in Canada, played The Lone Ranger's Indian companion Tonto.
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Buffalo Bill Rides Again
MovieApr 19, 1947

Buffalo Bill Rides Again

Land grabbers are after …
Land grabbers are after homesteader and settler lands in an area that settlers and Indians are both trapping for furs in an area that has no fur-bearing animals, that they trap, indigenous to the area, and the Indians live on a seven-teepee reservation, and none of the head crooks appear to be working in unison with each other, and Buffalo Bill is commissioned by the governor of an unknown state, that appears to be a state that Buffalo Bill was never in, to ride in and solve the local problems, although Buffalo Bill has no idea just what the problem is, but he rides around a lot, mostly directing a couple of Indians to watch this road or that road for riders...and it only takes about thirty seconds of montage stock footage under the credits to recognize this as a Jack Schwarz Bottom-of-the-Barrel Production.
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Roll on Texas Moon
MovieSep 12, 1946

Roll on Texas Moon

Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers)comes to Merino Springs to prevent a …
Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers)comes to Merino Springs to prevent a range war between cattlemen and sheepmen, that started as a result of the killing of a sheep-man, Matthew Delaney (John Ince) on "Whirligig Cattle Syndicate" property. He was killed by Steve Anders (Francis McDonald, a henchman of Cole Gregory (Dennis Hoey), who is out to acquire the Delaney ranch. Roy's pleas for the murdered man's daughter, Jill Delaney (Dale Evans) to help prevent further bloodshed are dashed when her prized ram is also killed. It does not help matters that her lawyer is the scheming Gregory.
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Lucille Elizabeth Stanhope

Lucille Elizabeth Stanhope

Married Lucille Elizabeth Stanhope.
Lee Shumway
BirthMarch 1884

Lee Shumway

Lee Shumway was born.
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