Lenna Kuurmaa

  • Sep 26, 1985 (age 34)
  • 5' 4" (1.63 m)

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MovieJan 30, 2013


Single mother name Pike who, having just been released …
Single mother name Pike who, having just been released from prison, is trying to start her news life anew. When her former boyfriend Lalli come back from abroad, it open a window into her past that Pike want to put behind her
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AlbumJan 1, 2013


Teine released.
Odinokiy ostrov
MovieMar 1, 2012

Odinokiy ostrov

What we carry within us may be more frightening than what is …
What we carry within us may be more frightening than what is outside of us. Some times it breaks through. Five lives, five stories that flow by each other and sometimes intersect. Events take place in a space of a few days. The film is about emotional scars, in one way or the other. It is present day ensemble film, where the characters try to cope with their past and move on with their lives. The events take place in a few days time.
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Naked Harbour
MovieFeb 3, 2012

Naked Harbour

The film takes place in the snow-covered suburb Vuosaari of …
The film takes place in the snow-covered suburb Vuosaari of the Finnish capital Helsinki. The eight individual episodes are temporally intertwined and show partial overlaps. **** 1) Milla is a young woman who really wants to become famous. She applies as a singer, trying as a model, although she does not have the appropriate dimensions, and finally ends up in pornography. Her father is rather disinterested in her life. **** 2) The criminals Iiris and Make associate money shortage and addiction problems. Iiri's moody character not only makes her beat up Robert, but also makes a robbery. He hopes to pay his debts to the Russians. **** 3) The American Robert misses his family on a business trip, meets a prostitute and is beaten up by Make in the bathroom of a bar. **** 4) Lauri is a doctor and belongs to the "upper class" with his wife Sara. He is frustrated with the alienation from his wife and is having an affair with the household worker Viivi. When his wife finds out, there is a bizarre sauna visit by three. Lauri leaves his family. **** 5) The single mother Marika, ill with cancer, is preparing her little daughter Aurora for her possible demise. She is being treated by Lauri, the desperate husband. **** 6) Pertti is an ambitious but unsuccessful recreational athlete. He is overweight and treated with antidepressants since his wife left him. Aware of the contradictions, he tries to make his son Teemu a successful person. When he leaves home, Pertti falls back into old eating habits. **** 7) The pupil Waltteri lives with his mother, Milla. He is bullied by his classmates. His mother has a relationship and little time for her son. As the humiliations of his schoolmates run rampant, Waltteri finally reaches for the gun. **** 8) The little boy Aleksi loves his dog Max more than his mother.
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Lenna Kuurmaa
BirthSeptember 1985

Lenna Kuurmaa

Lenna Kuurmaa was born.
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