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Leslie Dwyer

  • Aug 28, 1906 - Dec 26, 1986 (age 80)
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Leslie Dwyer
PersonalDecember 1986

Leslie Dwyer

Leslie Dwyer passed away.
MovieMar 1, 1979


The wife of a greedy man comes back to haunt him after he …
The wife of a greedy man comes back to haunt him after he scares her to death in this horror-thriller. He is after her money and must try several times before he finally succeeds. Because she is mentally exhausted from being frightened all the time, she commits suicide, but soon the husband begins experiencing her ghostly presence.
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Crooks and Coronets
MovieApr 2, 1969

Crooks and Coronets

Recently paroled convicts Herbie Haseler and Marty Miller …
Recently paroled convicts Herbie Haseler and Marty Miller realizing they're broke decide to go to New York and work for their old boss Nick Marco.But Nick is tired of these two idiots who bungled the last caper they were hired to do. Therefore, Nick is reluctant to re-hire Herbie and Marty.Besides, the duo still owes ten thousand dollars to Nick for bankrolling the armored car heist that went wrong, sending Herbie and Marty to prison. However, Herbie has been in charge of the prison library and has studied a lot. He convinces his boss to finance one more caper, this time in England, where many rich lords live in opulent mansions. These English mansions house many treasures, including fine art, priceless paintings worth millions, antiquities and more. Although skeptical, New York mob boss Nick Marco reluctantly agrees to send Herbie and Marty to England. For this purpose, he bankrolls the operation and also gets in touch with his mob contacts in the UK. The contact is Frank Finley, the London mob boss who owns most of the London casinos. The target is the large English countryside estate of elderly Lady Sophie Fitzmore who lives with her loyal nephew Freddie Fritzmore. This caper would have to succeed because Herbie and Marty already owe too much money to their New York crime boss who expects results.
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The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom
MovieSep 11, 1968

The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom

Harriet Blossom, the lonely …
Harriet Blossom, the lonely wife of a workaholic brassiere manufacturer, breaks her sewing machine and ends up in bed with the repairman, a mechanic from one of her husband's factories. The man, Ambrose, is supposed to leave during the night, but Harriet finds him the next day still hiding in the attic. Harriet lets her new lover stay in the attic for years, managing to keep it all secret from her husband and from the detectives investigating the sudden disappearance of a certain Mr. Ambrose Tuttle.
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Leslie Dwyer
BirthAugust 1906

Leslie Dwyer

Leslie Dwyer was born.
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