American Film Actor

Lew Meehan

  • Sep 07, 1890 - Aug 10, 1951 (age 60)
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Lew Meehan
PersonalAugust 1951

Lew Meehan

Lew Meehan passed away.
The Feud Maker
MovieApr 15, 1938

The Feud Maker

When Tex is brought in to fight in a range war between the …
When Tex is brought in to fight in a range war between the cowmen and the nesters, he meets his old outlaw boss Lassiter. He learns Lassiter is behind the feud when Lassiter asks him to join up with his gang. Tex refuses and instead sets out to stop the feud but no one will believe him that Lassiter is responsible.
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Ridin' the Lone Trail
MovieSep 1, 1937

Ridin' the Lone Trail

The Golden Girl Mine, owned …
The Golden Girl Mine, owned by Randall (Frank Ball) and Furman (Hal Price), is suffering great losses, as their gold shipments by stagecoach are being held up and stolen. The only clue is a horse called White Peril, ridden by the masked outlaw leader at every hold-up. Strangely enough, the horse is owned by Rndall's daughter, Joan (Claire Rochelle), the only one known to be able to ride the horse. Bob MacArthur (Bob Steele) becomes the deputy of Sheriff Carson (Steve Clark), and hires himself out to the Lazy-R ranch. There, he makes an enemy of "Dusty" Williams (Charles King), a neighboring rancher, when he is kept from shooting White Peril. Peters (Ernie Adams), the ranch foreman, makes himself helpful to Bob, answering all questions concerning the robberies, murders and White Peril. Bob follows White Peril to the outlaw's hideout, only to be captured. "Dusty", revealed as the masked chief's head henchman, leaves Bob to be killed by his henchmen, but he escapes after being led to believe that Joan is the masked chief. After a fast chase, another stagecoach robbery and a chase on a railroad handcar, Bob brings the masked chief, who is John Doe, to justice and who had owned White Peril as a colt, and was able to ride him unknown to anyone.
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The Red Rope
MovieJul 19, 1937

The Red Rope

Brade has hired Rattler Haynes to kill Tom Shaw. But when …
Brade has hired Rattler Haynes to kill Tom Shaw. But when Shaw intercepts a message between the two, he alters it hoping it will cause the two outlaws to fight each other.
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Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin
MovieMay 18, 1937

Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin

Lawyer Bowdre has started a …
Lawyer Bowdre has started a war between the ranchers and the homesteaders planning to take over the homesteaders land when they are wiped out. Rancher Dan Stockton, having just married homesteader Gail Dawson, is caught in the middle. He suspects Bowdre is behind the war and it's not long before he gets a chance to prove it.
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Lew Meehan
BirthSeptember 1890

Lew Meehan

Lew Meehan was born.
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