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Leyland Hodgson

  • Oct 05, 1892 - Mar 16, 1949 (age 56)
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Leyland Hodgson
PersonalMarch 1949

Leyland Hodgson

Leyland Hodgson passed away.
Dressed to Kill
MovieMay 24, 1946

Dressed to Kill

Sherlock Holmes sets out to discover why a trio of …
Sherlock Holmes sets out to discover why a trio of murderous villains, including a dangerously attractive female, are desperate to obtain three unassuming and inexpensive little music boxes.
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The Invisible Man's Revenge
MovieJun 9, 1944

The Invisible Man's Revenge

Robert Griffin is an escapee …
Robert Griffin is an escapee from the psychopathic ward and a fugitive from the law. He also has a score to settle with his old friends, Sir Jasper and Lady Irene. He wants their daughter, Julie, and he wants half their wealth. They owe him that much. Griffin's flight through the English countryside puts him in the path of a Cockney drunk of dubious ethics and, more fatefully, with an eccentric scientist, who has discovered a great secret: how to turn a living being invisible. The scientist is eager to test his invisibility serum on a man. And Griffin is eager to become invisible and thus elude the authorities and exact his revenge. The only one who can stop him is Julie's fiancé, Mark Foster, a handsome young reporter who slowly begins to believe wild tales about a "headless corpse."
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Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror
MovieSep 18, 1942

Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror

When a Nazi saboteur …
When a Nazi saboteur jeeringly predicts to the nation new depredations, via their radio 'Voice of Terror', the Intellegence Inner Council summons Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) to help in...
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Leyland Hodgson
BirthOctober 1892

Leyland Hodgson

Leyland Hodgson was born.
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