Lillian Walker

  • Apr 21, 1887 - Oct 10, 1975 (age 88)
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Lillian Walker
PersonalOctober 1975

Lillian Walker

Lillian Walker passed away.
Enlighten Thy Daughter
MovieJan 15, 1934

Enlighten Thy Daughter

Lillian Stevens and her …
Lillian Stevens and her cousin, Ruth, return home from college and Lillian receives a cold reception from her too-busy-to-bother parents; her father, Dr. Richard Stevens, is a professional reformer and has a radio broadcast to make, and her mother, Alice, is planning a bridge party and sends Lillian off to her cousin's home for dinner. But Margie, a school friend, telephones Ruth to invite her to go night-clubbing with two boys. Ruth declines but Lillian hops on board. She meets Gerald Winthrop. She falls for Gerald Winthrop. Gerald skids his car into a deep rut. Gerald says he can't move the car and, since it is raining, they should seek shelter in a nearby motel/tourist court. They do...and stay all night. But Gerald is something of a cad and a bounder, and he soon takes up with Ruth. The fickle Gerald soon proposes to Ruth. This is about the time that Lillian discovers has left her with impending-child. This is not a good situation.
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Broadway Gossip No. 3
MovieDec 27, 1932

Broadway Gossip No. 3

In the third of the …
In the third of the "Broadway Gossip" series, columnist Leo Donnelly interviews former star 'Lillian Walker', now struggling to make a living on her small farm, and current star 'Mary Nolan' makes a confession of a sort. Then Madame Sylvia, a former movie-studio beautician adds a few (needed) laughs with her tales of the Old Days.
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The Right Man
MovieMar 27, 1925

The Right Man

The Right Man is a 1925 American silent drama …
The Right Man is a 1925 American silent drama film, directed by Jack Harvey. It stars George Larkin and Mary Beth Milford.
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Lillian Walker
BirthApril 1887

Lillian Walker

Lillian Walker was born.
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