American Actress

Linda Arvidson

  • Jul 12, 1884 - Jul 26, 1949 (age 65)
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Linda Arvidson
PersonalJuly 1949

Linda Arvidson

Linda Arvidson passed away.
The Scarlet Letter
MovieMay 17, 1913

The Scarlet Letter

The opening, with Hester condemned to wear the …
The opening, with Hester condemned to wear the blazing scarlet A, is back in England. It shows Hester in the garden of her home, with her father; and then the introduction of the old medico Roger Chillingworth, who asks for and receives from the father the hand of Hester. There is realism when the Indians rescue the shipwrecked Chillingsworth. He is washed ashore lashed to a mast, the waves driving over him. Again where Hester tells Dimmesdale "Fear not, I'll not betray thee;" where the old man confronts Hester, with babe in arms, and in the secrecy of a cell warns her to tell no one she had ever called him husband; where the minister appeals to Hester, "Give us the man's name and thou shalt go free;" where the minister, conscience-stricken, stands in the pillory and bares his seared breast, not knowing that old Roger is looking on; and where the minister, after Hester had made all plans for their escape, plans which the old man had upset, falls by the pillory and dies in Hester's arms. There are some beautiful scenes in these three short reels.. One that stands out is of Hester, her troubles behind her, standing by the rail of a ship outward bound. Little Pearl is by her side. The photography throughout is excellent. There are two scenes that particularly will stir the emotions. These are where the pastor, attracted to the young wife on sight, reproaches her for avoiding him, '"when thou knowest thy husband was lost at sea;" and Hester, hesitating, responds to the desire of her heart and flies to his arms. Again, years later, when Hester sees the minister dying slowly under the torturing of his conscience and the evil influence of old Chillingworth, she entreats him to go with her and begin life over again, away from the scarlet letter, away from Chillingworth, away from the shame and suffering of the past seven years; as Dimmesdale takes Hester in his arms after all the penance they have undergone one feels that this couple have been more sinned against than sinning, that they have earned the right to have peace, to be by themselves.
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The Miser's Heart
MovieNov 20, 1911

The Miser's Heart

Thieves decide to steal the money an old miser has hidden …
Thieves decide to steal the money an old miser has hidden away. He refuses to open the safe for them, so they threaten to kill a girl who lives in his building.
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Enoch Arden
MovieJun 12, 1911

Enoch Arden

Enoch Arden, a humble fisherman, marries Annie Lee. He signs …
Enoch Arden, a humble fisherman, marries Annie Lee. He signs on as a sailor to make more money to support their growing family. A storm wrecks his ship, but Enoch swims to a deserted island...
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His Daughter
MovieFeb 23, 1911

His Daughter

William promises to marry his sweetheart, Mary, after …
William promises to marry his sweetheart, Mary, after completing medical school. William's father has saved enough money to set up William's medical practice. However, Mary's alcoholic ...
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D.W. Griffith
MarriageMay 1906

D.W. Griffith

David Wark Griffith (January 22, 1875 – July 23, 1948) was …
David Wark Griffith (January 22, 1875 – July 23, 1948) was an American director , writer, and producer who pioneered modern cinematic techniques. He is remembered for The Birth of a Nation (1915) and Intolerance (1916). The Birth of a Nation made use of advanced camera and narrative techniques, and its popularity set the stage for the dominance of the feature-length film in the United States. The film has sparked significant controversy surrounding racism in the United States, focusing on its negative depiction of black people and the glorification of the Ku Klux Klan. Today, it is both acclaimed for its radical technique and condemned for its inherently racist philosophy. The film was subject to boycotts by the NAACP; screenings caused riots at several theaters and it was censored in many cities, including New York City. Intolerance was an answer to his critics.
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Linda Arvidson
BirthJuly 1884

Linda Arvidson

Linda Arvidson was born.
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