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Liz Renay

  • Apr 14, 1926 - Jan 22, 2007 (age 80)
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Liz Renay

Liz Renay

Liz Renay passed away.
Mark of the Astro-Zombies
MovieOct 26, 2004

Mark of the Astro-Zombies

This is a reinterpretation by …
This is a reinterpretation by Ted V. Mikels about his original creation of the "Astro-Zombies". This time around, it's evil aliens who are operating on people. These strange space creatures are planting computer chips inside human brains and replacing organs with synthetic substitutes. The initial plan: Send dozens of mindless Astro-Zombies, armed with razor-sharp machetes, to Earth with orders to indiscriminately slash and kill all in sight! A pair of ruthlessly ambitious criminals study newspaper headlines and recall that these occurrences are somewhat similar to what took place in another time. A scheme is formulated to capitalize on these horrific events by gathering major foreign emissaries and duping them into paying billions of dollars for the power to control their own army of unstoppable walking dead. In the offices of the President of the United States, a staff meeting is called together, consisting of brilliant scholars, in an attempt to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, an agent for the FBI and a news reporter are conducting investigations of their own as to the reasoning behind the seemingly haphazard violence. Everyone has their own agenda and theories, but what is really going on? Is this a series of random terrorist attacks? Is this all just a hoax by petty thieves to extort a large fortune? Or is it something far more sinister? Could this really be the first wave of a massive alien assault marking the beginning of the end for mankind? All the answers will be revealed when you see MARK OF THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES!
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The Corpse Grinders 2
MovieDec 15, 2000

The Corpse Grinders 2

The nephews, Landau and …
The nephews, Landau and Maltby, of the original owners of Lotus Cat Food [For cats who love people] start up the family business again. Duplicated from the original are nosy nurse and ...
  • IMDb
Dimension in Fear
MovieJun 5, 1998

Dimension in Fear

Escaped murderer Cal Lewis wants revenge for those …
Escaped murderer Cal Lewis wants revenge for those responsible for him being put away. Enroute from Texas to Las Vegas he crosses paths with young TV news reporter Deidre Holland who quickly becomes his target.
  • IMDb
Gerald E. Heidebrink
MarriageNovember 1976

Gerald E. Heidebrink

Married Gerald E. Heidebrink.
Thomas W. Freeman
MarriageMay 1966

Thomas W. Freeman

Married Thomas W. Freeman.
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