American Actress

Louise Lorimer

  • Jul 14, 1898 - Aug 11, 1995 (age 97)
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Louise Lorimer
PersonalAugust 1995

Louise Lorimer

Louise Lorimer passed away.
The Choirboys
MovieDec 23, 1977

The Choirboys

A disparate group of Metro Los Angeles police officers - the …
A disparate group of Metro Los Angeles police officers - the rank and file - bond over their commonality of being brothers in blue despite their differences. The other thing they all seem to need is a venue to blow off some steam together, what they collectively call "choir practice": after hours piss ups, usually in public, where they again can relieve the pressures of the work day. Despite their brotherhood, not all their lives they feel they can share with each other in the overwhelming sense of what it means to be a real man in this environment. A few weeks in their lives and a few choir practices later are shown, when three of the younger officers, Baxter, Lyles and Bloomguard - the latter two who served together in Vietnam - are temporarily assigned to night duty in Vice under the leadership of Sgt. Scuzzi, who they always assumed was the janitor; as young Proust tries to mitigate the negative effects of his unabashedly blowhard, redneck and bigoted partner, Roscoe out on the street; and as "Spermwhale" Whalen - so nicknamed for being thirty pounds overweight - inches ever closer to retirement and a twenty year pension, it never a certainty he will make it in his continual clashes with the upper brass, especially Lt. Grimsley.
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Quincy, M.E.
TV ShowOct 3, 1976

Quincy, M.E.

Quincy, M.E. (also called Quincy) is an American mystery …
Quincy, M.E. (also called Quincy) is an American mystery medical drama television series from Universal Studios that aired on NBC from October 3, 1976, to May 11, 1983. Jack Klugman stars in the title role as a Los Angeles County medical examiner who routinely engages in police investigations.
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Queen of the Stardust Ballroom
MovieFeb 13, 1975

Queen of the Stardust Ballroom

A lonely widow and a …
A lonely widow and a postman find romance late in life at the local dance hall.
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Louise Lorimer
BirthJuly 1898

Louise Lorimer

Louise Lorimer was born.
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