English Film Director

Marc Sinden

  • May 09, 1954 (age 66)
  • 6' 0" (1.83 m)
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Property of the State
MovieJul 1, 2016

Property of the State

Based on the true story …
Based on the true story that gripped Ireland in the 1990's, Property of The State tells of a disturbed young man by the name of Brendan O'Donnell. Seen through the eyes of his sister Ann Marie, piece by piece she threads together the events that ultimately lead to the harrowing murders of a young mother, her child and a local priest in the forest of East Clare, Ireland. Ann Marie lived through it all. As the loving sister of a loving brother, she became the sister of a murderer and the sister of a man described as the most evil man in Ireland. She had not committed a crime, yet many saw her guilty by association.
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MovieJun 7, 2002


Puckoon is a wee Irish village that gets caught up in an …
Puckoon is a wee Irish village that gets caught up in an argument about where the border separating Northern Ireland from Ireland should be. Keen to get the matter sorted before the pubs close, a random borderline is wrestled on the map of the Emerald Isle and Puckoon gets divided as well, literally. As the barbed wire fences and Army checkpoints go up overnight, suddenly people cannot get to their outhouses or walk from one side of the street to the other. It has some advantages, everyone squeezes into the tiniest corner of the pub because it is in Northern Ireland territory where the beer is cheaper, but worst of all, is the church and its graveyard. Now the newly deceased need a valid passport, renewable every year, if they want to be buried "across the border". A plan is hatched to return the newly dead back to Ireland. At the same time, a plan is hatched to smuggle explosives in coffins to Northern Ireland with, as they say, hilarious results.
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The Brylcreem Boys
MovieApr 21, 1998

The Brylcreem Boys

In 1941, as part of an effort to remain strictly neutral, the …
In 1941, as part of an effort to remain strictly neutral, the Dublin government made a deal with both Berlin and London whereby any soldier, sailor or pilot captured on Irish soil, whether of German or Allied forces, would be interned for the duration of the war. What the Irish failed to tell was that they would intern everybody in the same camp. It is here that Canadian pilot Miles Keogh and German pilot Rudolph Von Stegenbeck meet after a fight in which both their planes were downed. Outside the camp, both fall in love with the same woman, an independent Irishwoman who refuses to take sides in their private little war.
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Bridie Sinden
ChildSeptember 1990

Bridie Sinden

Bridie Sinden born.
Hal Sinden
ChildFebruary 1980

Hal Sinden

Hal Sinden born.
Jo Gilbert
MarriageAugust 1977

Jo Gilbert

Joanne Lesley Gilbert (7 June 1955 – 15 September …
Joanne Lesley Gilbert (7 June 1955 – 15 September 2018) was an English film producer and casting director based in Holywood, near Belfast, Northern Ireland and ran Real Holywood Productions.
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