Russian-American Actor

Michael Chekhov

  • Aug 29, 1891 - Sep 30, 1955 (age 64)
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Michael Chekhov
PersonalSeptember 1955

Michael Chekhov

Michael Chekhov passed away.
MovieMar 11, 1954


Spoiled heiress Louise Durant (Dame Elizabeth Taylor) …
Spoiled heiress Louise Durant (Dame Elizabeth Taylor) decides to leave the comfort of her father's estate in southern France to study piano at the Music Conservatory in Zurich, despite knowing that she does not have the talent nor desire to be a professional pianist. She is going there to follow her new boyfriend, violinist Paul Bronte (Vittorio Gassman), who is completing his final year of studies there, and who she hopes eventually to marry. Not even knowing Paul, this move does not sit well with Louise's father, Nicholas Durant (Louis Calhern), as he values success over all else, and Paul is not a success. Louise hopes to find her place in Paul's musical life, she does not truly understand the all-consuming passion he and many of the other students have for music. In her view of their world, Louise finds that she cannot be a complementary figure in that musical life as she wants, but is in direct competition with it. As such, some students resent Louise for taking away from Paul's talent, while others resent Paul for believing he can give in to Louise's non-musical whims while believing that he is not sacrificing his music. While Paul may ultimately have to choose between the violin and Louise especially, as he seems to be on the brink of stardom, pianist James Guest (John Ericson), a freshman at the Conservatory who lives in the same building as Louise, seems like he is willing to give up everything for Louise as he is falling in love with her. In Paul and John possessing the true talent to make it big, they may end up resenting Louise if they choose her over their music. Louise has to find a way to foster their music while still being part of their lives in her love.
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Holiday for Sinners
MovieJul 25, 1952

Holiday for Sinners

Three men, reared together in New Orleans, but whose paths …
Three men, reared together in New Orleans, but whose paths have drifted apart, each face a crisis during the last weekend of Mardi Gras: Dr. Jason Kent must decide between accepting a chance to become famous as a research scientist, which will mean leaving New Orleans and giving up the girl he loves, Susan Corvier, or staying in his father's practice among the poor; Father Victor Carducci is refused permission to open an independent clinic and is thinking of leaving the Church; Punch-drunk prizefighter Joe Piavi is mainly operating in a survival mode and is trying to collect $1500 owed to him by his former manager Mike Hennighan. When he finds out about the debt, brash reporter Danny Farber, not above a double-cross when it means gain for him, needles Hennighan about Joe, and then tells Joe that Henninghan is threatening to send him to an asylum. The paths of Jason, Father Carducci and J!
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MovieJan 29, 1952


Always believing she had a happy marriage, a young wife's trust …
Always believing she had a happy marriage, a young wife's trust in her husband is shaken when she discovers that her father had paid him to marry her.
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Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actor

Nominated for "Spellbound".
Academy Award
Ksenya Karlovna Ziller
MarriageJune 1918

Ksenya Karlovna Ziller

Married Ksenya Karlovna Ziller.
Ada Tschechowa
ChildSeptember 1916

Ada Tschechowa

Ada Michajlowna Tschechowa (Russian: Ада Михайловна …
Ada Michajlowna Tschechowa (Russian: Ада Михайловна Чехова, 9 September 1916 – 28 January 1966) was a Russo-German actress and music manager.
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