American Actor

Mickey Daniels

  • Oct 11, 1914 - Aug 20, 1970 (age 55)
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Mickey Daniels
PersonalAugust 1970

Mickey Daniels

Mickey Daniels passed away.
You Asked for It
TV ShowDec 29, 1950

You Asked for It

You Asked for It is a human interest television show created and …
You Asked for It is a human interest television show created and hosted by Art Baker. Initially titled The Art Baker Show, the program originally aired on American television between 1950 and 1959. Later versions of the series were seen in 1972, 1981, and 2000.
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Miss Polly
MovieNov 14, 1941

Miss Polly

Mrs. Minerva Snodgrass heads up the town's Purity League and …
Mrs. Minerva Snodgrass heads up the town's Purity League and is so good at imposing restrictions of keeping the girls and boys apart that there hasn't been a marriage in the town in over two years. Her next-door neighbor, Miss Panadora Polly, aptly named based on what she lets out of the box later in the film, is doing her best to promote the romance between town-nerd Eddie and Minerva's daughter Barbara. Miss Polly also does a lot of reflecting on what-might-have been regarding her own life reference romance, or the lack thereof. She and her handyman Slim Wilkins and (described in the dialogue) "housekeeper and companion" Patsy try sampling some of the spirits in the cellar, as Miss Polly is looking for the one that makes one nervy and romantic, that she is sure is there according to family legend. She finds it and it works as advertised and even better, and it is no pretty sight when the horny Zasu Pitts puts a hit on grocery-boy Mickey Daniels. She skips - she really does - down to the town hall meeting and proceeds to disclose all the indiscretions of all the Purity League members from their own wild youthful days. Basically, it seems that Miss Polly was the only girl in town that ever said 'no' or never said 'yes.' This information shakes a few marriages, and leads to the kids actually being allowed to attend movies un-chaperoned. Minerva also gets an accidental swig of the 'Joy Juice" and it is also no pretty sight to see Kathleen Howard making a move on Slim Summerville.
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Li'l Abner
MovieNov 1, 1940

Li'l Abner

The goings-on in the rural Southern community of Dogpatch, USA.
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Mickey Daniels
BirthOctober 1914

Mickey Daniels

Mickey Daniels was born.
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