Moira Orfei

  • Dec 21, 1931 - Nov 15, 2015 (age 83)
  • 5' 11" (1.80 m)
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Moira Orfei
PersonalNovember 2015

Moira Orfei

Moira Orfei passed away.
Vacanze di Natale '90
MovieDec 1, 1990

Vacanze di Natale '90

Several characters coincide …
Several characters coincide during the Christmas holidays in the winter season of Saint Moritz.
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Dracula in the Provinces
MovieAug 21, 1975

Dracula in the Provinces

A boorish, snobish …
A boorish, snobish toothpaste factory owner, Constantino Nicosia, gives his wife and everyone a hard time having let success and wealth go to his head. But after the superticous Nicosia has an encounter with an elderly gypsy aunt, and a business trip to Romania results in another encounter with a suave vampire, named Count Dragalescu, Nicosia returns with blood-sucking like qualities which makes him re-examine his life and existence.
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Scent of a Woman
MovieDec 20, 1974

Scent of a Woman

An army cadet accompanies an irascible, blind captain on a …
An army cadet accompanies an irascible, blind captain on a week-long trip from Turin to Naples. The captain, Fausto, who wants no pity, brooks no disagreement, and charges into every situation, nicknames the youth Ciccio ("Babyfat"), and spends the next few days ordering him about and generally behaving badly in public. In Rome, Fausto summons a priest to ask for his blessing; in Naples, where Fausto joins a blind lieutenant for drinking and revelry, the two soldiers talk quietly and seriously about "going through with it." Also in Naples is Sara, in love with Fausto, but treated cruelly by him. What do the blind soldiers plan? Can Sara soften Fausto's hardened heart?
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Walter Nones
MarriageMarch 1961

Walter Nones

Married Walter Nones.
Moira Orfei
BirthDecember 1931

Moira Orfei

Moira Orfei was born.
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