British Film Actor

Morland Graham

  • Aug 08, 1891 - Apr 08, 1949 (age 57)
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Whisky Galore!
MovieJun 16, 1949

Whisky Galore!

Based on a true story. The name of the real ship, that sunk Feb 5 …
Based on a true story. The name of the real ship, that sunk Feb 5 1941 - during WWII - was S/S Politician. Having left Liverpool two days earlier, heading for Jamaica, it sank outside Eriskay, The Outer Hebrides, Scotland, in bad weather, containing 250,000 bottles of whisky. The locals gathered as many bottles as they could, before the proper authorities arrived, and even today, bottles are found in the sand or in the sea every other year.
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Morland Graham
PersonalApril 1949

Morland Graham

Morland Graham passed away.
Bonnie Prince Charlie
MovieOct 26, 1948

Bonnie Prince Charlie

In 1743, James Francis …
In 1743, James Francis Edward, Prince of Wales, son of deposed King James II of England and Ireland and VII of Scotland decides he is too old to return to England to reclaim the English, Scottish and Irish crowns. Living in exile in continental Europe, he summons his son Prince Charles Edward Stuart to name him Prince Regent and entrust him with the task of reclaiming the crowns from the sitting monarch, King George II. During the succession debacle, the House of Stuart received the support of their Catholic subjects, while King George II of the House of Hanover had the support of the Protestants. Catholic France supported the House of Stuart's claim to the English, Scottish and Irish thrones. In 1745, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, affectionately known as Bonnie Prince Charlie and The Young Pretender, is finally sent to Scotland with French support to reclaim the throne from George II for the House of Stuart. With a warship and seven companions, Prince Charlie lands on a Scottish shore in great secrecy. His first task is to send word out and rally all the nobles and chieftains of all the Scottish clans. If he means to defeat the English in battle he must rally all of the Scottish clans to his cause. King George II of England gets wind of these activities, from his spies, but for the moment he is not worried. Bonnie Prince Charlie persuades all Scottish nobles and chieftains, except one, to join him in a rebellion against the English. The only dissenting Scottish nobleman argues that, without any significant French military support, the rebellion will fail. Undeterred, Bonnie Prince Charlie raises his royal standard on the 19th of August 1745 and claims the crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland in front of a gathering of Scottish nobles and chieftains. The Jacobite Rebellion has begun !
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Esther Waters
MovieSep 22, 1948

Esther Waters

Esther (Kathleen Ryan) goes into service in Victorian England, …
Esther (Kathleen Ryan) goes into service in Victorian England, only to be seduced by the sweet talking groom William (Sir Dirk Bogarde), who then takes off with his employer's daughter. Left alone to bring up the child, Esther manages, and after seven years, has a chance at happiness. Then William turns up again.
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Elsie Cole Graham

Elsie Cole Graham

Married Elsie Cole Graham.
Morland Graham
BirthAugust 1891

Morland Graham

Morland Graham was born.
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