Stage Director

Nigel Patrick

  • May 02, 1912 - Sep 21, 1981 (age 69)
  • 5' 11" (1.80 m)
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Nigel Patrick
PersonalSeptember 1981

Nigel Patrick

Nigel Patrick passed away.
The Mackintosh Man
MovieJul 25, 1973

The Mackintosh Man

Joseph Rearden (Paul Newman) takes the fall for a robbery …
Joseph Rearden (Paul Newman) takes the fall for a robbery and winds up in the Scrubs. From there, he escapes in the company of a convicted spy and is taken to a remote manor at an unknown location where he is kept isolated. He overpowers his guard and flees, but nothing is quite what it seems in this drama of intrigue as Rearden pursues his quarry from Ireland to Malta.
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The Great Waltz
MovieNov 1, 1972

The Great Waltz

Composer Johann Strauss becomes the "Waltz-King" …
Composer Johann Strauss becomes the "Waltz-King" and woos a baron's mistress in 19th-century Austria.
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Tales from the Crypt
MovieMar 8, 1972

Tales from the Crypt

Five people come upon a catacomb and take the tour. After they …
Five people come upon a catacomb and take the tour. After they get lost, they find they're trapped, and, they see The Crypt Keeper (Sir Ralph Richardson). He asks them each to ree why they're there: (1) And All Through the House: Christmas Eve, Joanne Clayton (Dame Joan Collins) kills her husband (Martin Boddey) expecting to receive his insurance. She hears on the wireless that the Police are seeking an escaped homicidal maniac posing as Santa. When the man knocks on her door, she can't phone the Police, and she has a Christmas surprise. (2) Reflection of Death: Carl Maitland (Ian Hendry) leaves his wife (Susan Denny) and children for his mistress. But something happens during their journey (3) Poetic Justice: the widowed janitor, Arthur Edward Grimsdyke (Peter Cushing) is a good man who spends his leisure time with the children from the neighborhood. His heartless neighbor doesn't like him and destroys his life, leading Grimsdyke to commit suicide on Valentine's Day. A year later, Grimsdyke rises from his tomb seeking revenge. (4) Wish You Were Here: dirty businessman Ralph Jason (Richard Greene) is bankrupt, and his lawyer and friend, Charles Gregory (Roy Dotrice), tells him he must sell his real estate. When he tells his wife Enid (Barbara Murray), she recalls they have a statue with a legend; it'll grant three wishes to the owner. She makes the wishes, and leads Ralph to eternal damnation. (5) Blind Alleys: cruel Major Rogers (Nigel Patrick) comes to the Elmridge home for the blind, with his dog, to be the new director. He tortures the interns until the day they get revenge. Soon, the interns discover they're at the gate of Hell.
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Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture

Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture

Nominated for "Raintree County".
Golden Globe Award
Best British Actor

Best British Actor

Nominated for "The Sound Barrier".
Beatrice Campbell

Beatrice Campbell

Beatrice Campbell (31 July 1922 – 10 May 1979) was a British …
Beatrice Campbell (31 July 1922 – 10 May 1979) was a British stage and film actress, born in County Down, Northern Ireland, UK.
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Nigel Patrick
BirthMay 1912

Nigel Patrick

Nigel Patrick was born.
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