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One Man Gang

  • Feb 12, 1960 (age 60)
  • 6' 9" (2.06 m)
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Todd TV
TV ShowJan 21, 2004

Todd TV

Meet Todd Santos. He's 30 years old, works as a waiter, and …
Meet Todd Santos. He's 30 years old, works as a waiter, and has no direction. So he's turning all his major decisions over to you, the viewing audience. "He's had 30 years to screw up his life... Now it's your turn." For seven weeks, Todd's every move will be recorded... and then you get to vote on what he does next. This is interactive television - at the end of each episode, viewers vote on Todd's options via phone or text message. You can also send suggestions in regarding what you think Todd should do at the FX website.
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WCW Monday Nitro
TV ShowSep 4, 1995

WCW Monday Nitro

WCW Monday Nitro (or simply Nitro) is a professional …
WCW Monday Nitro (or simply Nitro) is a professional wrestling television program that was produced by World Championship Wrestling and broadcast weekly every Monday night on TNT from September 4, 1995 to March 26, 2001, when WCW's assets were purchased by the WWF. For its entirety, the program went head-to-head with the World Wrestling Federation's (WWF, now WWE) Monday Night Raw.
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AWF Warriors of Wrestling
TV ShowMar 6, 1995

AWF Warriors of Wrestling

Paul Alperstein's American …
Paul Alperstein's American Wrestling Federation attempted to become the third national professional wrestling promotion in launching a nationally syndicated one-hour weekly television show entitled "Warriors of Wrestling," on the weekend of September 21 - 22, 1996. The exclusive distributor for the 1996 series was BKS/Bates Entertainment with advertising sales handled by All-American Television, Inc. in New York. The launch of the AWF as a third major professional wrestling organization resulted from the initial test launch of "Warriors of Wrestling" as a syndicated series in spring 1995. According to Jason Robar, the 1995 series "seemed to disappear after a short period of time. The original version of the Warriors of Wrestling was filmed in a softer, film-like tone, and featured many of the current regulars in AWF. All AWF matches were contested on a round system, with non-title matches scheduled for three four-minute rounds and all championship matches scheduled for 12-round bouts. The outcome of matches which did not end in a pin fall or submission was decided by the scoring decision of AWF judges at ringside together with the referee. Despite its backing by BKS/Bates Entertainment (a television distribution joint venture linked to Bates Worldwide Advertising with billings of nearly $6 billion), the show was broadcast for only 12 weeks before folding under financial pressures. -'s Match History Section Broadcast history Spring 1995: "test launch" syndicated in some markets September 1996-December 1996: Weekends, nationally syndicated Feel free to leave your comments on the Viewer's Comments page Awards Figure Four Weekly Year End Awards Worst Promotion: 1996: Winner Rec.Sport.Pro-Wrestling Year End Awards Worst TV Show: 1995: Second Place (winner: WCW) 1996: Winner Worst Organization: 1996: Winner AWF Title Histories AWF World Championship Won By Won From Date Location Shown on Tito Santana * 11/29/94 Chicago, IL AWF Warriors Of Wrestling 4/25/95 Bob Orton Jr.** Tito Santana 10/5/96 Ft. Lauderdale, FL AWF Warriors Of Wrestling 10/19/96 Tito Santana (2) Bob Orton, JR 10/5/96 Ft. Lauderdale, FL AWF Warriors Of Wrestling 11/2/96 and 11/9/96 * Santana defeated Orton in the finals of a tournament. **AWF Commissioner Jim Brunzell held up the title due to Sheik Adnon's interference during the title match. Santana defeated Orton in a rematch for the title AWF World Championship Tournament Chris Adams____ |Adams_______ ?______________| | |Adams______ Greg Valentine_ | | |Valentine___| | ?______________| | |Orton Jr____ Bob Orton Jr.__ | | |Orton Jr.___ | | ?______________| | | | |Orton Jr.__| | Koko B. Ware___ | | |Ware________| | ?______________| | |Santana Tommy Rich_____ | |Rich________ | ?______________| | | |Rich_______ | Sgt. Slaughter_ | | | |Slaughter___| | | ?______________| | | |Santana_____| Tito Santana___ | |Santana_____ | ?______________| | | |Santana____| Mr. Hughes_____ | |Hughes______| ?______________| also in the tournament: Hercules, Jim Powers, Michael Hayes, Johnny Gunn, and Tony Atlas AWF World Tag Team Championship Won By Won From Date Location Shown on Tommy Rich/Greg Valentine * 5/21/95 Tampa, FL n/a * beat Tony Atlas & Koko B. Ware in the finals of a 12 team tournament to become the first AWF Tag Team Champions AWF World Tag Team Championship Tournament Johnny Gunn/Jimmy Powers___ |Gunn/Powers_______ Texas Hangmen______________| | |?______________ Tom Zenk/Charlie Norrus____ | | |Zenk/Norrus_______| | Bye________________________| | |Rich/Valentine___ Hercules/Mr. Hughes________ | | |DDQ_______________ | | The Renagades______________| | | | |Rich/Valentine_| | Tommy Rich/Greg Valentine__ | | |Rich/Valentine____| | Bye________________________| | |Rich/Valentine Koko B. Ware/Tony Atlas____ | |Ware/Atlas________ | Super Destroyers___________| | | |Ware/Atlas____ | Ron Powers/Fidel Sierra____| | | | |Powers/Sierra_____| | | Bye________________________| | | |Ware/Atlas________| Chris Adams/Konnan 2000____ | |Adams/Konnan______ | Samoan Swat Team___________| | | |?_____________| Nailz/Executioner__________| | |Nailz/Executioner_| Bye________________________|
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One Man Gang
BirthFebruary 1960

One Man Gang

One Man Gang was born.
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