Egyptian Actor

Salah Zulfikar

  • Jan 18, 1926 - Dec 22, 1993 (age 67)
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Salah Zulfikar
PersonalDecember 1993

Salah Zulfikar

Salah Zulfikar passed away.
My Wife's Goblin
MovieOct 7, 1968

My Wife's Goblin

A happily married couple has to live with a strange mental illness …
A happily married couple has to live with a strange mental illness of the wife: Whenever she watches a film, she comes home believing that she is one of the characters of that film. And doctors warn the husband that he has to play along each time or she would suffer a shock and die, which creates several hilarious problems and constant embarrassment for the husband.
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MarriageNovember 1967


(Egyptian Arabic: القيثارة الذهبية‎).
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My Wife, the Director General
MovieJan 20, 1966

My Wife, the Director General

Surprise Hussein Omar, …
Surprise Hussein Omar, head of the projects department to transfer his wife Esmat director of the company construction works, hides pair fact marital relationship with the manager, but it is forced to recognize them after hovering around suspicions and after the trouble suffered by including extreme adulation Director Esmat Fahmi, and uncertainties in the behavior and all this under heard The sight Hussein. Worsens the situation between him and his wife, despite the lack of failure in its duty as a wife at home and success in the management of its company, which made a lot of achievements, and despite the obstacles ask the wife transportation from the company that it in order to preserve her home and her husband, who became irritable and erupts for trivial reasons. Esmat try to live month new honey with her husband, the staff feels remorse for the transfer and asked Hussein transferred to the new interest by which his wife has realized its true value in the work.
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Jamila, the Algerian
MovieDec 9, 1958

Jamila, the Algerian

Egyptian historical film about one of the most important figures in …
Egyptian historical film about one of the most important figures in the history of Algeria, Djamila Bouhired. This film is regarded as not only highlighting the story of an important female revolutionary, but also showing the struggle of the Algerian people against the French occupation.
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Salah Zulfikar

Salah Zulfikar

Salah Zulfikar was born.
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