Spanish-Born German Actor

Santiago Ziesmer

  • Jul 25, 1953 (age 67)
  • 5' 5" (1.65 m)
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Goblin - Das ist echt Troll
MovieOct 12, 2019

Goblin - Das ist echt Troll

After 700 years, an evil troll …
After 700 years, an evil troll awakes in Baden-Baden to new life. In the form of a woman, he tries to free his demonic companions from a other dimension. Who can stop the changeling?
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Under ConTroll
MovieOct 12, 2019

Under ConTroll

During building work in the city of Baden-Baden in 2015, an …
During building work in the city of Baden-Baden in 2015, an evil troll who was transformed into stone in the 15th century, is accidentally brought back to life. To prevent being unmasked, the Troll slips into the body of Vanessa Majer and enslaves. Meanwhile, Vanessa Troll is looking for Charlie, the virgin boyfriend of Vanessa's daughter. The Troll needs his blood to evoke a portal to a magical prison. All he needs now is a the great book of spells which he wants to find with the help of the ominous King of the Lake. Vanessa Troll's plans prove to be successful if it wasn't for the author, Dr. Fischer, and the curious neighbor, Béatrice, who eventually come after him.
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Molly Monster the Movie
MovieFeb 15, 2016

Molly Monster the Movie

Molly Monster is the deeply …
Molly Monster is the deeply-loved only-monster of Popo and Etna Monster. She spends her days in familiar surroundings playing with her best friend Edison, a clockwork toy with a life of his own. But when Mama gives birth to an egg (which Papa must hatch) Molly sets out on a journey to find her new place in the family. The journey takes her far away from home and over the Wild Hills to Egg Island, where she is reunited with her Mama and her Papa, and her new mini-monster sibling. "Molly Monster" deals with the theme of becoming a sister of a brother and the excitement that comes with it from the point of view of a small child. Enchanting and entertaining - a universal preschool adventure.
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Santiago Ziesmer
BirthJuly 1953

Santiago Ziesmer

Santiago Ziesmer was born.
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