Actress and Dancer

Sarah Churchill

  • Oct 07, 1914 - Sep 24, 1982 (age 67)
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Sarah Churchill
PersonalSeptember 1982

Sarah Churchill

Sarah Churchill passed away.
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
TV ShowOct 1, 1962

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

The Tonight Show Starring …
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson is an American talk show hosted by Johnny Carson under the Tonight Show franchise that aired on NBC from October 1, 1962 through May 22, 1992. It originally aired during late-night. For its first decade, Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show was based at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, with some episodes recorded at NBC's West Coast studios in Burbank, California; on May 1, 1972, the show moved to Burbank as its main venue and remained there exclusively after May 1973 until Carson's retirement. In 2002, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was ranked No. 12 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time, and in 2013 it was ranked No. 22 on their list of 60 Best Series.
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The Merv Griffin Show
TV ShowOct 1, 1962

The Merv Griffin Show

The Merv Griffin Show is an …
The Merv Griffin Show is an American television talk show starring Merv Griffin. The series ran from October 1, 1962 to March 29, 1963 on NBC, May 1965 to August 15, 1969 in first-run syndication, from August 18, 1969 to February 11, 1972 at 11:30 PM ET weeknights on CBS and again in first-run syndication from February 14, 1972 to September 5, 1986.
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Thomas Touchet-Jesson, 23rd Baron Audley

Thomas Touchet-Jesson, 23rd Baron Au…

Thomas Percy Henry …
Thomas Percy Henry Touchet-Jesson, 23rd Baron Audley MBE (15 September 1913 – 3 July 1963) was born in Herefordshire, England, to Thomas Touchet Tuchet-Jesson and Annie Rosina Hammacott-Osler and educated at Lancing College. He married twice, initially to June Isabel de Trafford née Chaplin, daughter of Lt.-Col Reginald Chaplin, whom he divorced in 1957. His second marriage, on 26 April 1962, was to Sarah Churchill, daughter of former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine.
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Serious Charge
MovieMay 14, 1959

Serious Charge

Howard Phillips, a vicar who's new in the town of Bellington, …
Howard Phillips, a vicar who's new in the town of Bellington, wants to reach out to youth. The previous vicar's daughter, Hester Peters, who fears being a spinster, wants to be his wife. He tells her he's not interested. When he confronts a tough kid about something the youth has done, the lad sets out to frame the vicar. Hester, who's walked in on the confrontation, backs the youth's story. The town sides with her and the lad, turning against Phillips. He has a crisis of faith. What options does he have; can no one help him, his reputation, or his calling?
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Best Actress

Nominated for Primetime Emmy Award For Best Actress.
Primetime Emmy Award
Anthony Beauchamp
MarriageOctober 1949

Anthony Beauchamp

Anthony Beauchamp was a photographer, TV director, …
Anthony Beauchamp was a photographer, TV director, and TV producer.
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