Comedian and Actor

Shemp Howard

  • Mar 11, 1895 - Nov 22, 1955 (age 60)
  • 5' 5" (1.65 m)
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The Three Stooges Collection
MovieOct 30, 2007

The Three Stooges Collection

The Three Stooges …
The Three Stooges Collection is a series of DVD collections of theatrical short subjects produced by Columbia Pictures starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges. Each volume is a two-disc set, and covers a three-year interval, with the exception of Volume Eight, which is a three-disc set and covers the last five years at Columbia.
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Commotion on the Ocean
MovieNov 8, 1956

Commotion on the Ocean

The stooges are would-be …
The stooges are would-be reporters, who are tricked into becoming stowaways by "Borscht", a spy for an enemy country. Stranded on a freighter on the high seas, they discover that Borscht has concealed some stolen microfilm in watermelons they brought aboard for him. After a wild chase, they subdue Borscht and recover the microfilm.
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Scheming Schemers
MovieOct 4, 1956

Scheming Schemers

The stooges are three incompetent plumbers who foul up the …
The stooges are three incompetent plumbers who foul up the plumbing in a fancy mansion where a society party is going on. They manage to catch a couple of thieves masquerading as guests before the whole party degenerates into a pie fight.
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Hot Stuff
MovieSep 6, 1956

Hot Stuff

The stooges are government agents entrusted with …
The stooges are government agents entrusted with protecting professor Sneed, who has invented a super rocket fuel. Larry is mistaken for the professor by foreign agents who kidnap the trio and take them to the country of Anemia where they are ordered to produce the rocket fuel or be executed. The boys come up with a concoction they try to pass off as the real stuff, but are exposed when the real professor and his daughter are also kidnapped. The stooges help them escape, using their secret formula to fuel a jeep.
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Shemp Howard
PersonalNovember 1955

Shemp Howard

Shemp Howard passed away.
Morton Howard

Morton Howard

Morton Howard born.
Gertrude Frank
MarriageMarch 1925

Gertrude Frank

Married Gertrude Frank.
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