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Swedish Actress

Signe Hasso

  • Aug 15, 1915 - Jun 07, 2002 (age 86)
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Signe Hasso
PersonalJune 2002

Signe Hasso

Signe Hasso passed away.
One Hell of a Guy
MovieOct 25, 2000

One Hell of a Guy

A handsome devil meets a living angel.
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American Masters
TV ShowJun 22, 1986

American Masters

American Masters is a PBS television series which …
American Masters is a PBS television series which produces biographies on enduring writers, musicians, visual and performing artists, dramatists, filmmakers, and those who have left an indelible impression on the cultural landscape of the United States. It is produced by WNET in New York City. The show debuted on PBS in 1986.
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MovieSep 16, 1985


An aspiring Midwestern ballerina (Marguerite Hickey) …
An aspiring Midwestern ballerina (Marguerite Hickey) struggles in New York as the only jobs she can get are as chorus performers. Her personal life is equally dismal.
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Henry Hasso
ChildJune 1934

Henry Hasso

Henry Hasso born.
Harry Hasso

Harry Hasso

Harry Hasso (Born as Karl Hartnagel) was born in …
Harry Hasso (Born as Karl Hartnagel) was born in Germany in Frankenthal 1904. He worked in Sweden,Germany and Italy and for a short time in Finland as a cameraman and filmdirector and he also wrote some of the music and manuscripts for some of the films he made. He learned to play the violin at a very young age and also played harmonica. He started his career in Luxembourg when was 16 years old. He started his old filmcompany at age 18. He made many movies and at least 100 documentary films among them films about his home Country and home town. All the documentaries he made have been missing since World War II. Occasionally he was an actor in some of his films. He also worked in a circus as an acrobat and according to himself his act there was to stand on one hand on a bottle that was placed on a chair. He married the Swedish actress Signe Hasso in 1933. In 1943 He married the Swedish film actress Viveca Lindfors. Both were successful actresses in the United States. Viveca worked also in the theatre with great success.Signe Hasso got a star in the hollywood walk of fame And was a famous Hollywood moviestar with long career and an author of several books and a musician. Harry remarried twice after that. His last wife was the Swedish actress Britta Hasso (1936 - 2015) that later after their marriage became a journalist in Helsingborg at the newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad. They got married in 1961 and remained married until his death in 1984.
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