Stephy Tang

  • Oct 15, 1983 (age 37)
  • 5' 5" (1.66 m)
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My Prince Edward
MovieNov 17, 2019

My Prince Edward

Golden Plaza in Prince Edward district is a shopping mall in …
Golden Plaza in Prince Edward district is a shopping mall in Hong Kong, known for bridal shops and cheap wedding supplies. Fong works in one such bridal shop. She has been with Edward, the owner of a wedding photography shop, for years. Fong must sort out the sham marriage that she was paid to take part in years ago before she can get married for real.
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L Storm
MovieAug 23, 2018

L Storm

Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) …
Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) investigator William Luk and Joint Financial Intelligence Unit (JFIU) officer Lau Po-keung are respectively investigating a corruption and money laundering case, but are unable to find any clues. At this time, Ching Tak-ming of ICAC's L Team (Internal Disciplinary Investigation Team) receives a report from Eva Ng, claiming Luk has accepted a bribe of HK$12 million. Unable to provide an explanation, Luk was immediately suspended from his duties. Lau discovers that Luk was framed which is inextricably linked to the money laundering case he has been investigating. At the same time, Lau also suspects bank director Yau Chi-san assisting the mastermind of a criminal organization, Wong Hoi-wo, in money laundering. Chinese Anti-Corruption Bureau Director Hong Liang arrives in Hong Kong to provide important intel for Lau, revealing that mainland Chinese corrupt officials are involved in the money laundering case. Luk risks his safety to collect evidence to prove his innocence but was imprisoned.
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Hung sau dou
MovieNov 2, 2017

Hung sau dou

Half Japanese Hong Kong girl Mari Hirakawa who succeeds dojo …
Half Japanese Hong Kong girl Mari Hirakawa who succeeds dojo after tragic death of her Karate master and father encounters ex-karate student, ex-yakuza Chan Keung who also succeeds the half of her father's karate dojo.
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Stephy Tang
BirthOctober 1983

Stephy Tang

Stephy Tang was born.
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