Film Actress

Tala Birell

  • Sep 10, 1907 - Feb 17, 1958 (age 50)
  • 5' 6" (1.68 m)
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Tala Birell
PersonalFebruary 1958

Tala Birell

Tala Birell passed away.
Flash Gordon
TV ShowOct 15, 1954

Flash Gordon

Space hero Flash Gordon and his crew of the Galaxy Bureau of …
Space hero Flash Gordon and his crew of the Galaxy Bureau of Investigation patrol space, battling space monsters, power-mad alien dictators and other threats to the stability of the universe.
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Homicide for Three
MovieDec 8, 1948

Homicide for Three

On their honeymoon,a young navy officer and his wife are …
On their honeymoon,a young navy officer and his wife are having difficulties in finding a hotel room in Los Angeles until a lady lends them her suite. There, they receive a mysterious telephone call warning them of a murder that is about to be committed. After finding two dead women they hire two private detectives to help them. They learn that the third woman marked for death is the woman who lent them her hotel suite. She is the aerial artist at a circus and the other two women were her friends. The police arrive and arrest the navy officer and his wife, and two clowns who were attempting to kill the aerial performer.
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Women in the Night
MovieJan 2, 1948

Women in the Night

The war in Europe is over, the Japanese are about to …
The war in Europe is over, the Japanese are about to surrender after the Nagasaki bombing, but a group of die-hard German Nazis are holding on in Shanghai, protecting an ingenious invention of mass destruction - a cosmic ray generator that is 1000 times more deadly than the A-bomb. Col. Von Meyer is about to pass the secret of the weapon to Col. Noyoma, as Japan is still at war, and will use it to revenge their recent losses. However, Field Marshal Von Runzel arrives with precise orders to the contrary: the Japanese shall not have the secret weapon, for an underground Nazi ring is to use it later in another attempt to destroy all the Allied Nations, and conquer the world in a third Worl War. Von Meyer decides to create a diversion, and to offer the Japanese scientist and officers some "evening entertainment" at the German Officers' Club. Thaler, the female German Officer, is to bring in a number of women - arrested on trumped up charges at the Shanghai University - dress them up, and force them to service the lusty Japanese officers. First, he asks for volunteers, but only the French entertainer Yvette comes forward. The other five women (American, English, Austalian, Russian and Mexican) stubbornly refuse. Then he shouts at them: "I say, naturally you'll all volunteer!" The 16-year-old Australian girl finds her mother as a hard-laborer at the club, they rejoice for a while, but knowing that her pure catholic girl will be ravished that night, Mrs. James kills her daughter instead. Her absence will not be missed much, as two other young women arrive, a Chinese and a Japanese. Soon, the Germans are about to betray the Japanese, but the American is in cahoots with an infiltrated German officer who's really her husband (an OSS spy), the Chinese is trying to make the others believe that Maya is an infiltrated Japanese agent, while Lili herself is seeing a Chinese servant of the Germans in secret, and the women are justly suspicious of Yvette - who is getting fond of the bald-head Colonel Von Meyer... In the end, the American plot is uncovered, the Germans and the Japanese start killing each others, and the fugitive American and Chinese spies. A number of people die in heroic gun-fights. Maya is going to defuse the bombs left in the wine cellar by the escaping Americans, so that the Japanese will get the secret weapon in the end. However Yvette decides to change her loyalty to her country, thinking of what the English girl told her. The two women clash in a desperate fight all over the place, as the fuse is burning - with the future of humankind at stake.
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Tala Birell
BirthSeptember 1907

Tala Birell

Tala Birell was born.
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