Russian-Born Actress

Tamara Shayne

  • Nov 25, 1902 - Oct 23, 1983 (age 80)
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PersonalOctober 1983

Tamara Shayne

Tamara Shayne passed away.
Romanoff and Juliet
MovieJun 1, 1961

Romanoff and Juliet

A tiny, otherwise inconsequential and powerless European …
A tiny, otherwise inconsequential and powerless European country called Concordia holds the deciding vote in a crucial United Nations resolution. As the U.S. and Soviet Union try to manipulate Condordia so that its vote aligns with their interests, Concordia's wily leader turns the tables on the superpowers, pitting one against the other by playing matchmaker between the son of the Soviet Ambassador and the daughter of his U.S. counterpart.
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Mr. Arkadin
MovieJun 27, 1955

Mr. Arkadin

An American adventurer investigates the past of …
An American adventurer investigates the past of mysterious tycoon Arkadin...placing himself in grave danger.
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The Red Danube
MovieSep 22, 1949

The Red Danube

Shortly after the end of World War II, British Colonel Michael S. …
Shortly after the end of World War II, British Colonel Michael S. "Hooky" Nicobar (Walter Pidgeon) is assigned to a unit in the British Zone of Vienna. His duty is to aid the Soviet authorities to repatriate citizens of the Soviet Union, many of whom prefer not to return to their home country. Billeted in the convent run by Mother Auxilia (Ethel Barrymore), Nicobar, and his military aides Major John "Twingo" McPhimister (Peter Lawford) and Audrey Quail (Dame Angela Lansbury), become involved in the plight of young ballerina Olga Alexandrova (Janet Leigh), who is trying to avoid being returned to Moscow. Nicobar's sense of duty is tested as he sees first hand the plight of the people he is helping return to the Soviet Union; his lack of religious faith is also shaken by his contact with the Mother Superior.
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Akim Tamiroff

Akim Tamiroff

Akim Mikhailovich Tamiroff (Armenian: Ակիմ Թամիրով, …
Akim Mikhailovich Tamiroff (Armenian: Ակիմ Թամիրով, Russian: Аким Михайлович Тамиров; born Hovakim Tamiryants (Armenian: Հովակիմ Թամիրյանց); October 29, 1899 – September 17, 1972) was an Armenian-American actor. He was nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performances in The General Died at Dawn (1936) and For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943), and the latter won him the first Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. Tamiroff appeared in at least 80 American motion pictures in a career spanning thirty-seven years.
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BirthNovember 1902

Tamara Shayne

Tamara Shayne was born.
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