Professional Snooker Player

Willie Thorne

  • Mar 04, 1954 (age 67)
  • 6' 2" (1.89 m)

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Gatwick Gangsters
MovieNov 6, 2017

Gatwick Gangsters

Gatwick Gangsters feature film is about a greedy fat cat banker …
Gatwick Gangsters feature film is about a greedy fat cat banker who borrows over night £100,000,000 of a Crime Boss's money. In a 24 hour window the money gets hacked by an Arab King who is a terrorist. His plot to blow up London's Gatwick Airport is foiled by the Mi6.
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Celebrity Antiques Road Trip
TV ShowOct 24, 2011

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

A spin-off from Antiques …
A spin-off from Antiques Road Trip (2010) in which two teams consisting of an expert and a celebrity buy antiques to sell at auction, hoping to make a profit and give it to charity.
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Pointless Celebrities
TV ShowJul 4, 2011

Pointless Celebrities

Pointless Celebrities is the …
Pointless Celebrities is the BBC quiz hosted by Alexander Armstrong where celebrities go head-to-head in a general knowledge quiz where contestants try to think of answers that the public might not have. One hundred members of the public are surveyed and give as many answers as they please, and the object is to guess the most obscure ones, not the most popular. Whoever scores the lowest wins in this hilarious celebrity quiz.
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Willie Thorne
BirthMarch 1954

Willie Thorne

Willie Thorne was born.
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