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Chinese Actor

Rongguang Yu

  • Aug 30, 1958 (age 61)
  • 6' 0" (1.82 m)
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God of War, Zhao Yun
TV ShowApr 3, 2016

God of War, Zhao Yun

God of War, Zhao Yun, also known as Chinese Hero Zhao …
God of War, Zhao Yun, also known as Chinese Hero Zhao Zilong, released under the title Dynasty Warriors in Indonesia, is a 2016 Chinese television series directed by Cheng Lidong and produced by Zhejiang Yongle Entertainment Co., Ltd. The series starred cast members from mainland China, South Korea and Taiwan: Lin Gengxin, Im Yoon-ah and Kim Jeong-hoon. The story is loosely adapted from the 14th-century Chinese classical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, with Zhao Yun (Zhao Zilong) as the main character. It was first aired on Hunan TV from 3 April to 7 May 2016.
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A Journey Through Time with Antony
MovieNov 13, 2015

A Journey Through Time with Antony

In this tale of love, loss, and …
In this tale of love, loss, and growing up, Anthony faces a big move. He's leaving home behind for Australia, in pursuit of a prestigious business degree. Not only is he leaving his family, but also the secret crush of his life, Ying. As Anthony grows, finding new loves and hobbies, he finds himself saying goodbye to the only woman he's ever truly loved.
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Jackie Chan Presents: Amnesia
MovieJun 12, 2015

Jackie Chan Presents: Amnesia

Martial-arts legend Jackie …
Martial-arts legend Jackie Chan presents this pulse-pounding update to his own classic thriller. Finding himself at a murder scene, bike courier Li Ziwei tries to escape, but the culprits force him off a bridge. The amnesia from his head injuries means he can't recognize the faces of his enemies, who have framed him for the crime. Now, carrying the parcel that's his only clue, and with the help of sassy hitchhiker Tong Xin, Li Ziwei must outrun killers and cops while racing to clear his name of the mysterious murder.
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Yu Zi Long

Yu Zi Long

Yu Zi Long born.
Rongguang Yu
BirthAugust 1958

Rongguang Yu

Rongguang Yu was born.
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