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Pakistani Actor

Zia Mohyeddin

  • Jun 20, 1933 (age 86)
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Doomsday Gun
MovieJul 23, 1994

Doomsday Gun

How the brilliant Canadian munitions engineer, Dr. …
How the brilliant Canadian munitions engineer, Dr. Gerald Bull, agreed to build a super-gun for Saddam Hussein in 1988, when the U.S. cut his funding for the experiment, and how it attracted the attention of several intelligence agencies.
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Immaculate Conception
MovieSep 11, 1992

Immaculate Conception

Hannah, a US senator's …
Hannah, a US senator's Jewish-American daughter, and her British lover Alistair, working as an environmentalist in Pakistan, are desperate for a child. One day with her Pakistani friend, Samira, a photographer for National Geographic she visits the eunuch shrine of Gulab Shah which has a reputation for curing infertility. They spend a few days in a special room in the shrine and one night after they have a short sex, Alistair falls deep sleep because of the drugged herb they have drunk and Hannah is conceived in front of all eunuchs - while she is half awake by a young boy, Kamal who works there. While Hannah is very happy with her pregnancy, Alistair is embroiled in a brief love affair with widow Samira who is a single heir of a very rich grandfather. Meanwhile, the eunuchs from the shrine develop an interest in Hannah's baby, leading to tension from the clash of cultures and religious beliefs.
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TV ShowMar 6, 1990


Chancer is a British television crime drama serial, produced by …
Chancer is a British television crime drama serial, produced by Central Television for ITV, that first broadcast on 6 March 1990. Starring Clive Owen in the title role of Stephen Crane, Chancer tells the story of a likable conman and rogue at the end of the yuppie eighties. The first series concerns Crane's attempts to save an ailing car firm, which at first seems to be straightforward, until he is forced to reconcile himself with his past. In the second series, Crane, now using his real name of Derek Love, assists his friend Piers, who has inherited a stately home, and with it, a financial nightmare.
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Naheed Siddiqui

Naheed Siddiqui

Married Naheed Siddiqui.
BirthJune 1933

Zia Mohyeddin

Zia Mohyeddin was born.
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