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California Living Museum

The California Living Museum is a zoo in Bakersfield, California. The primary focuses are plants and animals that are native to California, specifically … See more


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Dec 15, 2022
When I was visiting family in Bakersfield, we visited this place one afternoon. It was wonderful to see the wildcats, reptiles, ringtails, birds of prey, and other animals who wouldn't have survived … Full review by Paradise28472449176
Jul 28, 2022
Very well priced. Lots of animals. Unsure about the name why it's a 'museum'. It's a lovely sanctuary. We loved the murals that's were painted everywhere (including the snakes enclosures). Highly rec… Full review by 546tashe
Jan 17, 2022
Perfect for a day out, lovely grounds, fun train - the holiday lights is not to be missed! We became members so we can take the kids and grandkids any time we like. Easy walking, lots to see, enjoy! Full review by Beakertroyd

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