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Canobie Lake Park

Canobie Lake Park is an amusement park in Salem, New Hampshire, located about 31 miles north of Boston. It was founded as a trolley park on the … See more


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Dec 2, 2022
It it SOUL CRUSHING for me to say this but, this park is no longer worth the price of admission. I quite literally grew up in this park. We were there AT LEAST once a week. Since then, the food quali… Full review by 987dm
Sep 25, 2022
It was great until we got in line for the triple haunt. We were literally first in line. Moved back to 20th, because our kids joined us. It was an absolute fiasco. People cutting nonstop with NO inte… Full review by Canobiemadness
Sep 2, 2022
With better customer service and understanding of their target demographic. Will not return. Will actively discourage others from going. Will share this experience with as many folks as possible. Sa… Full review by 12dellh


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