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Charles Towne Landing

Charles Towne Landing
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Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site in the West Ashley area of Charleston, South Carolina preserves the original site of the first permanent English … See more


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Jan 10, 2023
I live in Charleston and have visited this park for my whole life. I have always been disappointed to see the quality of life for the animals. People are blind not to SEE! Full review by patriciapH716HC
Dec 29, 2022
This well-maintained state park offers a self-guided walking tour of the site of the 17th century Charles Towne village. The paved path offers informative plaques throughout explaining the history o… Full review by Holly S
Oct 17, 2022
Before heading into downtown Charleston, we decided to start our trip by stopping here. I was pleasantly surprised by how much there was to do. We arrived shortly after they opened on a Sunday morn… Full review by rebelee


300 Years of Colonial Settlement
This is an initiative to preserve the first site of Colonial settlement in the city. The place was opened to mark the 300 years of colonial settlement here. The place that covers a large area has everything that the people in earlier times used. It is a perfect place to get an insight onto the lifestyle and culture of the natives and early foreign settlements over here. They have a crop garden where you will be able to take a look of what kinds of crops they grew and what cultivation techniques they used to apply. At present, growing enough crops in this place has not been possible but you can always see at least two types of cash crops growing here. the more common are cotton and indigo that they also grew for sale. The adventure part is covered up by the replica ships and vessels that they used in earlier times. The difference is just that the present ones that we see are smaller in size than the actual ones. These were the only means of transport they used for trade and communication purposes. The fortified site includes the strong wall that they had built to protect themselves from being attacked by foreign colonies, especially the Spanish and also by their native allies in cases of trust breach. There is also a lovely animal forest where they have given all efforts to conserve at least a certain percentage of species that were available in abundance in those times. These include Great blue heron, brown pelican, great egret, white ibis, wild turkey, turkey vulture, black vulture, red wolf, stripe skunks, black bear, bison, bobcat, pumas, otters and many more. There are also other archeological displays depicting earlier designs and examples of the native Americans.

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