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Flint Children's Museum in Flint, Michigan was inspired by a visit to a Washington D.C. children's museum in 1979. Local educator Mary Newman began Flint Children's Museum.



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Feb 13, 2020
Excellent place for all families and or field trips for kids. So much to do and so much fun. A really fun filled learning experience. Even the adults were having fun. Will definitely go again. Full review by 928peggyj
Dec 19, 2019
While we were staying at a hotel for the week awaiting keys to our new house we decided to get the kids out of the room and came to the children's museum for an afternoon. I will say at $6 per person… Full review by smros178
Aug 30, 2019
I took my 2 year old here. She absolutely loved it. We spent an easy 2 hours there. They have tons of sensory toys and activities to play with. Full review by Malloriekh
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Hi, it is $6 for kids and adults
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