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Fort Griswold

Fort Griswold, CT
Fort Griswold is a former American defensive fortification in Groton, Connecticut named after Deputy Governor Matthew Griswold. The fort played a key … See more


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Oct 4, 2022
This is a well-preserved Revolutionary War era fort. Worth a visit especially by history buffs. Learn about the slaughter of surrendering Patriots by British soldiers under the command of traitor Ben… Full review by Explorer100
Sep 25, 2022
Beautiful site for a walk and for great pictures of the river. Nice and serene. Families walking together, people walking their dogs enjoying themselves is a nice sight to see. Full review by SokiRamos
Jun 5, 2022
I was attracted to the park by the tall obelisk that can be seen from the interstate. It once had a tourist viewing platform on the top, but a top point was added and is no longer accessible. Good … Full review by Corvette_Rob

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