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Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower is a building in Miami, Florida. It was designed by Schultze and Weaver and is currently used as a contemporary art museum and a … See more


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Dec 19, 2022
The structure itself is nice and while classic architecture but its real significance is its welcoming of Cuban refugees to freedom that sets it apart. Full review by TAMAN1951
Apr 4, 2022
i have been several times for different viewings and all of them have been great! easy to navigate while inside the building. Full review by Hilda M
Jan 24, 2021
It makes us smirk as we wish to figure out why someone thought an attempt at Statue of Liberty here in Miami is a good idea. Full review by 614shanicer


The 'Ellis Island of the South'.�The
Freedom tower miami - National Historic Landmark located at 600 Biscayne Boulevard on the Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College. The Freedom Tower lodged in Miami, Florida is popularly known for being the 'Ellis island of the south'. The Freedom Tower is composed by Schultze and Weaver. It is utilized at present as a dedication to Cuban movement to the United States. On September 10, 1979, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It was also designated a United States National Historic Landmark on October 6, 2008. On April 18, 2012, the AIA's Florida Chapter put the expanding its record of Florida Architecture as 100 Years of the 100 Places as the Freedom Tower or Formerly Miami News and Metropolis Building. In 2004, the Freedom Tower was acquired by planner Pedro Martin and his organization, Terra Group, who proposed another building, probably a subordinate replica on a neighboring part of the property. Preservationists contradicted the arrangement, and throughout 2005 the planners handed over the Freedom Tower to Miami Dade College, which is utilizing it as a social and instructive focus. The Freedom Tower nowadays houses an exhibition space as well as a gallery for the College. In future the Freedom Tower Miami is plans to use as the Cuban American Historical Museum. Freedom Tower is one of the attractions in 4 Days Itinerary Miami. Must visit this awesome attraction. For further plans, check out the complete list of attractions & activities on things to do in Miami page.

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