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Grand Village of the Natchez Indians

Grand Village of the Natchez, also known as the Fatherland Site, is a 128.1-acre site encompassing a prehistoric indigenous village and … See more


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Oct 16, 2022
There are three grassy hills in the middle of a residential neighborhood. They have a short 10 minute movie telling the story of the Natchez Indians and a few artifacts ( very few and mostly broke… Full review by ssful
Apr 15, 2022
This is such a tranquil spot. Surrounded by trees, full of birdsong, this was a harmonious start to our day. We enjoyed the video which was just right at 7 minutes and were graciously greeted by the … Full review by smfoot
Mar 18, 2022
There are not a lot of places in the United States you can visit where you know an Indian nation had a strong presence. You can here. The Grand Village of the Natchez was where the nation lived 3-6… Full review by jbushman2017

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