Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

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The Institute of Contemporary Art or ICA is a contemporary art museum in Philadelphia. The museum is associated with the University of … See more


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Oct 11, 2023
The institute offers exhibitions of contemporary art; check out their schedule when you are in Philadelphia. We were so fortunate to been in the city when the David Antonio Cruz was being shown. A su… Full review by RonL40
Oct 11, 2023
Linda the security guard was the best part of the tour. Raise her salary and every day. Come to the museum if you like art… stay for Linda Full review by Roam62683513597
Jun 12, 2023
All the exhibits currently are in dark rooms & are videos, so not the type of art I typically enjoy. There were only 4 exhibits. We completely skipped one that was very gruesome from what little we s… Full review by pednurse13


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  • Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art
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