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Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex

Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex
The Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex comprises a HS100- and HS128-meter ski jumps towers built for the 1980 Olympic Games in Lake … See more


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Jan 8, 2023
We had a lovely time -- the view from the big ski jump is quite amazing and we had a fun time watching young kids train (and jump off) from the smaller jump. Quite impressive! Full review by matthilein
Jan 1, 2023
This was an amazing experience. Talk with the people who work there. They are knowledgeable and very nice. This was an interesting experience to see. Full review by dfranco52006
Dec 19, 2022
Visited on a slow Thursday afternoon. There were no athletes on site. Views were amazing and staff were very knowledgeable and eager to share information. Impressive and well-organized. A short t… Full review by Cowac

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