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Lake Thunderbird

Lake Thunderbird is a reservoir located in Norman, Oklahoma. The lake was constructed between 1962 and 1965 for the purpose of providing municipal … See more


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Sep 3, 2022
i have been going out there since they opened with that being said i only go out once a month or so to play black jack on thursday as that is the only No-ante day, i went out a week ago they only had… Full review by H6833WLmarkt
Apr 22, 2022
I wouldn’t give the Grill that even. After waiting over half an hour for food while we waited to go to a concert, they now tell us it’s going to be an hour to get food. This is after we already order… Full review by crystals747
Mar 16, 2021
This place really messed up when they got rid of the wild west theme,I geuss they thought it was going against there indian heritage, they should have expanded the wild west theme it would have made … Full review by V4986XBmichaels


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