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Milwaukee County Zoo

Milwaukee County Zoo
The Milwaukee County Zoo is a zoo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, operated by the Milwaukee County Parks Commission. The zoo houses 1,800 … See more



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Nov 12, 2022
It's an okay zoo. Parking was bizarre, including the entrance. Very expensive admission and parking. Too many "missing" animals. Left somewhat disappointed, but we had time and needed something t… Full review by cdrake3460
Oct 21, 2022
Just got home from boo at the zoo! Was a very fun family walk and experience! However when me and my family just arrived there, we parked and this man started to yell and swear at my 1 year old nephe… Full review by Omfuller
Sep 20, 2022
Wow, what a disappointment. I remember this being a really nice zoo. Clearly, my childhood memories can't be trusted. The aviary reeked. Many of the enclosures were in desperate need of a good cl… Full review by ChicagoPair


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