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Montage Mountain Ski Resort

Montage Mountain Ski Resort
Montage Mountain is a ski area in Pennsylvania, located 8 miles from downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania. It is located about 125 miles northwest of … See more


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Jan 21, 2023
It was all very good but with all the recent upgrades u think they would have some way to more easily go from the lodge area to the tent area it is difficult walking up and down while carrying your e… Full review by 428autumnb
Jan 8, 2023
I thought this would’ve been a good time because the day prior we went to camelback mountain and snow tubed and it was great. However, not the same experience. The tubing was so unprofessional, ran b… Full review by melissarC8232AV
Dec 6, 2022
We attended a concert venue that included 5 bands. It was my son’s first ever concert and we made some incredible memories! The parking was easy and well executed by staff. It was a fun and well moni… Full review by gwashburn1962

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