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Mount Bachelor ski area

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Mount Bachelor ski resort is a ski resort located in Central Oregon, approximately 22 miles west of Bend, along Century Drive Highway. The ski area … See more


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Jan 8, 2023
We used to spend every Christmas here 10-12 years ago. After coming back this year, we have been met by the familiar tough Bachelor weather, cold and windy - but also with lots of fresh snow. Staff i… Full review by 111mikhailh
Dec 31, 2022
I know Oregon skiing is a Spartan affair but you need to invest in better common areas and how about a fireplace????? Full review by maxeB3966ZN
Dec 30, 2022
What happened to Mt Bachelor? My family and I have been skiing there for years and this year was a shock to say the least. First of all the price increase on lift tickets were outrageous and the stra… Full review by Y1707SBmarcn


Local Feel, World-Class Flair
Mt Bachelor Ski Area in the Central Oregon Cascades is everything that's right about a winter snow sports complex. It starts with what it doesn't have. No overpriced eateries, no boutique hotels, no condos, no wannabes looking for attention, no excuses. You will find a comfortable, well-run, high-tech, well-groomed, friendly-staffed, out-of-the-way, short lift line, local beer and wine, down-home cooking—all with some of the deepest and steepest conditions on the planet.The weather in this part of Oregon is legendary. Sunny days and snowy nights produce the best powder skiing in the West. The lifts are fast and the runs faster. The abundance of white pushes ski activity from November into May. My favorite time is the beginning of March when you can count on cold and freshies. With no lodging on the mountain, nearby accommodations provide quick and easy access, leaving the ecosystem free to sustain itself from the impact of more toilets and traffic. Staying in town is just one more way I show the mountain some love.The terrain is varied and complex, from beginner to double black diamond. I prefer skiing the Summit when it's open because of the 360-degree access I get to the whole mountain.Be sure to hit the bar and try one of the local craft beers or bloody mary's made with spirits from local distilleries. The food offerings will more than cover your tastes and dietary persuasion. Bachin' it has never been more fun.By Jay Rymeski, AFAR Local Expert
A Superb Mountain Bike Trail
Start off from the Swampy Lakes parking lot. Immediately go left on the trail, so that you are paralleling the highway. You'll see nordic ski markers on the trees. There's a nordic ski sign high up on the trees at 0.7 miles. You'll be gradually ascending for the first 2.5 miles. At nearly 2 miles, turn left to continue on the Ridge Loop. Note, that the sign here actually says to go right for the Ridge Loop, but you want to go left. At 2.6 miles, turn right onto Flagline Tie. There is just a simple marker here--but it's not labeled. This is a great section of slightly more technical trail. At 4 miles, you'll reach a junction where you can go left or right. Take a right onto the main Flagline Trail. Note, if you were to go left on Flagline here, beware that that section of Flagline is closed until about Aug 15 for elk calving season. Around 5.1 miles, you'll reach a junction with a lot of signs. Go left, towards the old Swampy shelter. It's a short 0.1 miles or so to where the shelter used to be--all that's there now is some slight charred remains. At this point the trail would go left for South Fork, but you'll want to stay to your right. 0.25 miles later, you'll cross a creek. If you needed, you could filter water here, but there is also a creek you'll hear off to your right, maybe a half mile before this point, which may be an easier place. A short while later you'll come to another intersection. Go right here to stay on the main trail. At mile 6.4 is a broad 4-way intersection. Turn right on the Swampy Tie Trail, which is a short section, that joins the main trail again after about 0.2 miles. At this intersection, turn left and hike the final way back to the parking lot. Thus, the trail sections are the Ridge Loop, Flagline Tie, Lower Flagline, Swampy Lakes Loop Trail, Swampy Tie Trail, Swampy Lakes Loop Trail. Flora & Fauna There can be mosquitos, especially through miles 4-5.5 where there is a creek crossing and nearby creek.

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