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The Museum of Neon Art is an institution that exists to encourage learning and curiosity through the preservation, collection, and interpretation of neon art.



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Sep 11, 2022
Located on the corner of South Brand and Caruso are neon signs that are long forgotten. Most of them have been restored to its original glory and some are on loan by their artists. Some signs you w… Full review by Flounder M
May 22, 2022
In summary if you are looking for a quick fun thing to do in glendale then check out MONA but if you do a little planning ahead you will have blast at one of their special events. Full details below.… Full review by radio_nipper
Dec 22, 2019
This small museum holds a fascinating collection of neon signs and neon art. Friendly staff and clear labelling make the story of exhibits clear, and help in understanding how the signs work. My fa… Full review by C3495UPandrewb
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