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National Museum of American Illustration

The National Museum of American Illustration, founded in 1998, is the first national museum to be devoted exclusively to American illustration artwork. … See more


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Sep 25, 2022
This is one of the most gorgeous art collections in the country, sadly, for ages the museum has been closed due to covid then renovations with no updates ok their website. I do hope they re open one … Full review by luluklimt
Jun 3, 2022
As an illustrator, this is an amazing place. It is mostly geared towards 1920s illustration work, but WOW a really spectacular collection. Just the mansion alone is worth the entrance fee too! Put th… Full review by DHPaine
Sep 11, 2020
We have been there several times. The film is excellent, the collection is outstanding. One of our favorite museums. Parking right off of Bellevue Ave is very good. Unfortunately because of COVID… Full review by patk960


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