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San Bernardino National Forest

The San Bernardino National Forest is a United States National Forest in Southern California encompassing 823,816 acres of which 677,982 acres are … See more


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Aug 15, 2022
This was a lovely picnic area! We drive here from nearby Idyllwild. You walk down a road that is closed to traffic and there are several picnic tables amidst the trees. There is a lot of ferns growin… Full review by travelingCAgal
Jul 3, 2022
We were filming a documentary up in the mountains and it was absolutely gorgeous and stunning. The view is worth the drive and the mountain towns are lovely. Definitely a great spot for a vacation. Full review by AnotherSteph
Jun 10, 2021
The San Bernardino National Forest is absolutely Az must see and experience all the different views, lakes, hikes and small towns situated in the forest. Full review by rosyl409

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