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Sandy Point State Park

Sandy Point State Park
Tripadvisor (309) · State park in Maryland
Sandy Point State Park is a public recreation area on Chesapeake Bay, located at the western end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Anne Arundel … See more


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Oct 14, 2022
Sandy Point is a good compromise when you don't have the time to go to the ocean beaches. There is an admission charge, higher during the season, and for non-Maryland license plates. There are no ref… Full review by stevens_chuck
Aug 7, 2022
Saturday was very crowded, looked and sounded like a spring break party. Sunday was the opposite - quiet, family-friendly, and relaxing. Either day it was still beautiful and worth the $5 per person … Full review by Chris H
Aug 3, 2022
The park is full of things to do it has park benches for family fun and barbequing. Bike riding, tennis court etc. The beach is clean the water isn't Caribbean clear blue but the kids loved it. Some … Full review by Eventful1


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