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Ybor City Museum State Park

Ybor City Museum State Park is a Florida State Park in Tampa, Florida's Ybor City. The museum occupies the former Ferlita Bakery building at 1818 9th … See more



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Dec 29, 2022
Small but mighty. There isn’t a lot here, but they did well with the space they have. You definitely get a good sense of the history of Ybor. Full review by daniellemF3473KH
Oct 29, 2022
We thoroughly enjoyed the museum. The 20 minute video sets the stage with the history of Ybor City. It shares the beginning of the city with its founder - Ybor. We learn the impact of Cuban immigra… Full review by SeniorTravelTales
Jun 7, 2022
Tons of history and nature. There were some really funny wild chickens and roosters roaming around when we went as well as vendors for a street market and food. Very close to historic Spanish restaur… Full review by 766jerriep


Cigar-Producing Heritage
Situated in what was likely the very first bakery to serve Cuban Bread on American soil, Ybor City Museum State Park is the best place to begin a tour of the Ybor City Historic District. Here you will find informational displays about the cities immigrant population and the cigar-producing heritage they brought with them from Cuba. The main building and entrance to the museum are housed in La Joven Francesca bakery, established in 1896 but sadly burned down in 1922. The only object left was the brick oven, which owner Francisco Ferlita built a new bakery and a second oven around. The building stands proudly on the corners of East Ninth Ave and North 19th Street, along with a casita and a lovely garden that hosts events throughout the year. The casita is a typical cigar worker's home from the period, built and paid for by the factories as an incentive. During its heyday, the bakery and garden were one of the town's most popular gathering spots—you could catch up on gossip, grab your day's loaf of Cuban bread, and enjoy a Cuban coffee. The bakery was a major supplier for bread to the entire city with daily delivery service. Ybor City residents would put nails on their front door frames from which the bread was hung. The museum tracks Ybor City's history from the development of the cigar industry with self-guided exhibits, a video presentation, and written and audio information. The park is open Wednesday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

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