Yellow River State Forest Iowa

Yellow River State Forest    

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Yellow River State Forest, is mostly forested land owned by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.


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Jul 5, 2023
Average trip. We arrived at approximately 4:15 pm and made our way towards the entrance of the park. The park was very large, and consisted of multiple campsites, along with some hiking trails. We fo… Full review by PartyTheNightAway
Oct 29, 2022
We took a hike on scenic trail. It was beautiful nature views. You could spend a great deal of time walking. Restroom areas were cleaner than where we were staying. Enjoyed a small picnic the groun… Full review by diannerB4277UL
Apr 19, 2021
Miles and miles of uninterrupted trail. The silence is awe inspiring, as are the views. We didn’t cross paths with any other hikers, although saw a handful at a campsite near the entrance. Some steep… Full review by CrystalEats

Questions & answers

Can u pick morales in yellow river forrest iowa
Contact the forest itself to see if you can pick morel mushrooms, search on google for Iowa DNR and Yellow River State Forest to find their contact info.
Answer by Brian M · May 5, 2018
Is there cell phone service in the campground?
It is very sporadic, depending on your carrier. In the Little Paint Campground it was spotty at best, but I have heard that Verizon works better. I wouldn't depend on your phone there however.
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Ask a friend or family member to take you! Check out “everything you need to start fishing” at
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